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Pooh — Asia Non Asia lyrics

Artist: Pooh
Album: Asia Non Asia
Song: Asia Non Asia

... via.
Asia non Asia nella notte elettrica
Asia non Asia cambia e ... metr?.
Asia non Asia dentro un taxi rapido
Asia non Asia ...

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Linkin Park — Ppr:kut (Cheapshot & Jubacca Feat. Rasco & Planet Asia) lyrics

Artist: Linkin Park
Album: Ppr:kut (Cheapshot & Jubacca Feat. Rasco & Planet Asia)
Song: Ppr:kut (Cheapshot & Jubacca Feat. Rasco & Planet Asia)

... out of the flame

[Planet Asia]
All I'm trying to ...

Beanie Sigel — Lord Have Mercy On Me Ft. Ashley, Asia lyrics

... Mercy On Me (Featuring Ashley, Asia)

I'm trying to climb ...

Rasco — How Many X's (feat. Planet Asia) lyrics

Artist: Rasco
Album: How Many X's (feat. Planet Asia)
Song: How Many X's (feat. Planet Asia)

... cross these lines?

Planet Asia: Before you find out ... slow jam

Chorus x2

Planet Asia:


9-8 to ...

Rasco — Blood Brothaz (feat. Planet Asia) lyrics

Artist: Rasco
Album: Blood Brothaz (feat. Planet Asia)
Song: Blood Brothaz (feat. Planet Asia)

... Asia

[Planet Asia]

Since the first episode ... one another

[Planet Asia]

Rasco and Planet Asia, ain't ...

Splashdown — Asia At Odd Hours lyrics

Artist: Splashdown
Album: Asia At Odd Hours
Song: Asia At Odd Hours

... ready now"
She dreams of Asia at odd hours
Red soldier ...

Apulanta — Paha, Paha Asia lyrics

Artist: Apulanta
Album: Paha, Paha Asia
Song: Paha, Paha Asia

Asia — Time Again lyrics

Artist: Asia
Album: Asia
Song: Time Again

Fate looks certain but there's nothing guaranteed
Want for nothing, but is nothing what you need?
Always pushing but you're ...

Asia — That Season lyrics

I told her, I'd hold her
All through that first cold winter
Defend her, protect her
From our darkest demons

Then spring came, ...

Asia — One Step Closer lyrics

Artist: Asia
Album: Asia
Song: One Step Closer

Loneliness, a constant friend and lover
I know well
Crowded rooms the iron bar
That surround me
Trying hard to catch your eye

Asia — Cutting It Fine lyrics

Artist: Asia
Album: Asia
Song: Cutting It Fine

The door swings open but you won't go it
You hate the movie that you haven't seen
You couldn't see what I have in mind
I see ...

Asia — Heart Of Gold lyrics

We are the future within our dome
A new generation, we live alone
Washed the words from the subway wall
We had to fight to ...

Asia — A Far Cry lyrics

In the dead of the night
On the wings of the wind
I hear the ocean bell
With a flash of the light
In the beat of the dark
The ...

Asia — The Higher You Climb lyrics

Artist: Asia
Album: Best Of Asia
Song: The Higher You Climb

There is no comeback from the big divide
Maybe there's a future to be found waiting on the other side
If it's illusion, then ...

Asia — Never In A Million Years lyrics

Plain evil, I know what's on your mind
Never say you're leaving me behind
No trouble, you get that from the start
You know the ...

Asia — The Day Before The War lyrics

Standing on the border,
Waiting on the line.
Silence is a stranger,
In these troubled times.
I recall a better place,
Where I ...

Asia — Here Comes The Feeling lyrics

All through the winter I thought I'd never see you again
Oh God where were you when I needed you
I know that you, no, you would ...

Asia — I Can lyrics

After all is said and done
Time will wait no more
Have not the strength to carry on
Light grows cold
Steals away the life in me ...

Zen Caf — Maailman Helpoin Asia lyrics

Artist: Zen Caf
Album: Maailman Helpoin Asia
Song: Maailman Helpoin Asia

Se ei ole maailman helpoin asia
olla nainen suhteessa
Se ei ole maailman helpoin asia
olla mies ja suhteessa
Olla ...

Mystic — W (feat. Planet Asia) lyrics

Artist: Mystic
Album: W (feat. Planet Asia)
Song: W (feat. Planet Asia)

... / Planet Asia


[Planet Asia]
West Coast.....
That's ... Coast

[Verse 3-Planet Asia&Mystic]

[Planet Asia]
It ain't ...

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