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Three 6 Mafia — Flashes lyrics

... Murder by the masses
Sick off human ashes
Hatas passion

[dj paul ... head cut off
Three 6 mafia hypnotizin' don't make me set it off ...

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Brotha Lynch Hung — Back Fade lyrics

Artist: Brotha Lynch Hung
Album: Back Fade
Song: Back Fade

... got his mouth shot off
Then his head cut off just for fucking up ... I continue I'm a human eating niggaro
Eating niggas with ...

Sol — Plutonium lyrics

Artist: Sol
Album: Plutonium
Song: Plutonium

... not, sent off like a pigeon with his head cut off.
If it wasn ... the rented camaraderie in the human lottery.
Whatever year it is ...

Sole — Plutonium lyrics

Artist: Sole
Album: Plutonium
Song: Plutonium

... not, sent off like a pigeon with his head cut off.
If it wasn ... the rented camaraderie in the human lottery.
Whatever year it is ...

Q-Strange — Decayed Thoughts lyrics

Artist: Q-Strange
Album: Decayed Thoughts
Song: Decayed Thoughts

... wet
I got a human heart on a chain ... grab the cooks head
I slice off his cheek and I put it in some bread
Cut off ...

Biohazard — Open Your Eyes lyrics

... of your insolent mind
I cut off your head in the name of ...
And free the ideas of human kind

Kool Keith — Diamonds lyrics

Artist: Kool Keith
Album: Matthew
Song: Diamonds

... radio up and cut his arms off
And throw him off the top ... packed up with a chopped off human head
With a murdered pitbull with ...

Six Feet Under — Cadaver Mutilator lyrics

Artist: Six Feet Under
Album: Cadaver Mutilator
Song: Cadaver Mutilator

... bones and human flesh
Frozen head and eyes on ice
Cutting off ... joined together
Arms cut off and shoved into cunts
Jacked off at ...

Aceyalone — The Guidelines lyrics

... out
I stay off the dramatization, and ... The incredible talents, I cut the corners, smooth ... parts
No heart, no head just a carcas

Moka Only — Pillow Fulla Scrilla lyrics

Artist: Moka Only
Album: Pillow Fulla Scrilla
Song: Pillow Fulla Scrilla

... floor, fucking read the warrant

Human afternoon, A/C in ... back, she cut off, strut off, end of story

Triple my D-head, ...

Mad Skillz — Tongues Of The Next Shit lyrics

... face and use his head as the grid

[mad ...
It's the ultra, human eater of mics
With ... get your fuckin nuts cut off
[k] for real
[m] ...

Dj Muggs — John 3: 16 lyrics

... a black beamer
Dreadlock cut off once by this girl ... mobster
Two to the head - and now you ...
Aren't we all human beings? (uh-huh)

Corporate Avenger — Christians Murdered Indians lyrics

Artist: Corporate Avenger
Album: Christians Murdered Indians
Song: Christians Murdered Indians

... kidnap your children and cut off their hair
Silence ... two or cut of
His head with one blow ... of life and human beings
That makes ...

Clash — This Is England lyrics

Artist: Clash
Album: Cut The Crap
Song: This Is England

... gang fire on a human factory farm
Are they ... at sea, too far off, he can't go ... kick Bengali in the head
Police sit watchin'
The ...

Cannibal Corpse — Under The Rotted Flesh lyrics

Artist: Cannibal Corpse
Album: Under The Rotted Flesh
Song: Under The Rotted Flesh

... flesh
Cutting off the body's head drinking ...
Corpse in half
Human shit for nurishment
... my feet
Eyelids cut off to watch your ...

Nuno Bettencourt — Sick Punk lyrics

Artist: Nuno Bettencourt
Album: Best Of Nuno
Song: Sick Punk

... the human condition
Cut you like a lazer razor-sharp from head to ... antifreeze
You're good reminder off the agony of love
You ...

Necro — Wise Ass lyrics

Artist: Necro
Album: Wise Ass
Song: Wise Ass

... bobbit in the street and cut off a clit
Paybacks a bitch ... rate in a crack
The human head, is quite durable
Your mouth ...

Nargaroth — Shall We Begin lyrics

Artist: Nargaroth
Album: Shall We Begin
Song: Shall We Begin

... unconsciousness
I will cut off your balls
Put ' ... the emperor of human fears

Black metal rules ... demons in my head
I am the ...

Poe — Hello lyrics

Artist: Poe
Album: Hello
Song: Hello

... way home
I'm cut off from out main line ... At me

And his head it spins around
... psycho like a normal human being
Trigger Happy ...

Amplifier — Live Human lyrics

Artist: Amplifier
Album: Live Human
Song: Live Human

... head
Slipping over the precipice
Stepping off ... human inside
I'm human ...

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