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Band — Gimme A Stone lyrics

Artist: Band
Album: Gimme A Stone
Song: Gimme A Stone

... to cry
G D Asus A
Say you ... a stone
G D Asus A
Someone gimme a ...

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Browny — Perdoname Ama lyrics

Artist: Browny
Album: Perdoname Ama
Song: Perdoname Ama

... eso yo les digo
Escuchen asus madre
Yo les doy una ...

Club Buffalo — The Funny Thing Is lyrics

Artist: Club Buffalo
Album: The Funny Thing Is
Song: The Funny Thing Is

... I went wrong
G Asus A
One that I ... I watched you cry
G Asus A
Was the chance ...

The Tiny — Perdoname Ama lyrics

Artist: The Tiny
Album: Forever
Song: Perdoname Ama

... eso yo les digo
Escuchen asus madre
Yo les doy una ...

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