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Sodom — Abuse Lyrics

Artist: Sodom
Song: Abuse
Album: Unknown
Sodom - Abuse  
Sodom - Abuse
Sodom - Abuse  
Sodom - Abuse
Sodom - Abuse  
Sodom - Abuse
Sodom - Abuse  
Sodom - Abuse
Often you wake up by nocturnal emissions
But you feel no pleasure, no real satisfaction
Dreams mislead you with blanishment
You can't spend it on sweets or touch it, my friend

They divide you for yourself pollution
Have a hard-on for yourself and your bad illusions
Proceed to action with a snatch to crawl
You know you have to do it now

You consider your obnoxious misdeeds
Get a kick out of fruits you would like to greed
A place of joy, put yourself out of misery
A one night stand for the sake of variety

A vaginal victim, unable to resist
Discover your ass sweep off your feet
Don't hink twice and jump at the chance
Don't harass yourself, screw for deliverance