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Rachael Lampa — Ride Lyrics

Artist: Rachael Lampa
Song: Ride
Album: Unknown
Rachael Lampa - Ride  
Rachael Lampa - Ride
Rachael Lampa - Ride  
Rachael Lampa - Ride
Rachael Lampa - Ride  
Rachael Lampa - Ride
Rachael Lampa - Ride  
Rachael Lampa - Ride
Wanna know how I got to be this way
Wanna know if you had it would you be the same
I can tell that your tired of playing a losing game
I'm checkin you cause I got love for you
I gotta let you know that you don't have to lose
Come take a ride on the
The other side if you're lookin for love you cannot find
Cause you gotta know love comes in many many ways
But the love that God gives you will never never change
I know you feel that time has left you by yourself
You can just chill cause God's been with you every step
And even when you took a ride to ease the pain inside
Don't ever think He's been away from you
He's got a million angels who've been watching for you come on
Well it's alright if you wanna wanna take a ride