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Rachael Lampa — Room Lyrics

Artist: Rachael Lampa
Song: Room
Album: Unknown
Rachael Lampa - Room  
Rachael Lampa - Room
Rachael Lampa - Room  
Rachael Lampa - Room
Rachael Lampa - Room  
Rachael Lampa - Room
Rachael Lampa - Room  
Rachael Lampa - Room
Rachael Lampa/Tommy Sims

I take the time to look around me
Another day in a crowd
These are the days I feel while everyone
Is moving on, I'm holding on, just holding on
All alone with everyone
Oblivious is how I want to be
To the world surrounding me
'cause you know my name and that's enough for me
I'm seeing what I think I see
You seeing me - even
Underneath the height of things

Who am I - comparatively
Against the wind - beside the sea
Through time and space - between the trees
Beneath the sky - on my knees
Behind the walls that made me feel free
You opened the door and you found me
Thought I was lost - guess I was wrong
You had it planned all along
And you made room for me

Now I'm forever in awe these days
Of the way you deal with me
Hard to believe that you can always be
Patiently creating still a better me
Always seeing deep inside the best in me
And I'm amazed at who I am

Carry on
Carry on