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Will Smith — Then She Bit Me Lyrics

Artist: Will Smith
Song: Then She Bit Me
Album: Unknown
Will Smith - Then She Bit Me  
Will Smith - Then She Bit Me
Will Smith - Then She Bit Me  
Will Smith - Then She Bit Me
Will Smith - Then She Bit Me  
Will Smith - Then She Bit Me
Will Smith - Then She Bit Me  
Will Smith - Then She Bit Me
Artist: fresh prince(will smith)

I was in a club, one friday.
A lovely lady comes walking my way.
She walked up and she said hello.
I said hi, my names joe.
I was lyin', so was she.
She said her name was donna,
But her shirt said marie.
Once you get to know me,
You'll never forget me.
I said why, then she bit me.

That didn't hurt.
Kinda nicked me,
But she ripped my shirt.
At that point I fell asleep.
Woke up at her house,
In the back of a jeep.
A blazer, '89
Tinted windows,
I wish it was mine.
Oh, it is,
But where are my keys?
There they are...in the ignition.

I'm at her house.
It's a tepee.
No, a skyscrapper.
No, an igloo.
No, it's a shack.
Forget it, I'll go around back.
It's a castle, with a moat
How I get across...boat.

(twilight zone noise)
Shooo...i hate that sound.

I went inside,
Looked right, looked left.
There she is.
Oh, no that's jeff.
He's invisible.
I went downstairs.
It's a loft.
No, it's a dungeon!
There she is, doing areobics.
No, yoga.
No, karate.

*you killed my teacher!!!*
But what a body!

No, she wasn't there.
I'm tellin you I saw her.
No, really I saw her.
She was playing checkers.
No, nintendo.
Ok, I'm lying.

There she is,
Watching t.v.
All my children.
No, that's cosby.
No, speed racer.
No, that's shaft.
No, that's kimble.
My fault...the t.v.'s off.

There she is, what a doll.
No, that's chucky from child's play!
I kissed her,
And she told me this is home...
I entered a dimension called the twilight zone....
Where anything can happen.

I'm rough like sandpaper,
Hard like algebra.
You should be glad that I was nice,
And I allowed ya to
Step on stage.
To kick your ryhmes off.
I tried to be nice,
But you mistook that for softness.
Now it's goin' to hell with your opinion!
What I say goes fom now on,
This is my dominion!
Are there any rappers to step on stage
Cause if you do you'll feel the force of my rage,
I'm on a rampage!!!!!!!

Syche just hit me.
Jeff wanted to do that,
But I didn't.
I thought that it would make the reccord dumb.
I guess I wasn't wrong.

Jack and jill went up a hill,
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down,
And broke his crown....
Hickory, dickory, dock.

Got to use the bathroom now,
Sike, I was drafted.